Social Network Marketing Plans

If you are those of think that social media “does not work for our type of product, service, company or brand”, or something similar to this. That is likely, but social networks have proven its effectiveness in ideal products for her but also in unexpected ones, therefore, we must go further!

The result of marketing on social networks is slow, sometimes they are medium and long term. That is why it is important to resist and insist.

Social networks are the new platforms to communicate, not only socially or family-wise but also commercially. Influencing the purchasing decision of your potential customers. Through them you can promote your products or services, with the “viral” effect that once was “word of mouth” and its costs, well managed, become negligible.

An effective and serious plan

Here are the steps we’ll do to reach your audience



Our job is to help you with the presence of your product, service or brand and thus increase awareness of it, generate traffic and increase interaction, and then obtain a return on your investment by generating direct and indirect sales. To do this, we will begin by developing a marketing plan, using social networks as a tool!



Like all marketing plans, it will include: specific objectives and intangibles. Specifying the goals to be met in each stage of the plan and establishing qualitative and quantitative aspects in them. We’ll do an analysis of your target group; their competence and their participation in social networks. We will evaluate the media that best represent your product, service or brand, along with the frequency. We will make investment proposals for each stage. The methodology for the measurement and analysis of the results will be specified.



Once the previous plan is established, we’ll carry out the production of common, specific and special parts. We’ll elaborate -and also analyze-, the most appropriate messages to your objectives and identity, including effective actions such as: links, purchase action, opinion, among others, we will also use in these messages the most effective resources and according to the objectives, the medium and the budget (images, videos, graphics, etc).



The messages will be published on the selected channels, a group of professionals will be attentive to the development. Through expeditious and effective channels, this group will have contact with the client’s group to attend to daily, eventual and emergency situations. The reports – and their analysis – will make it possible to determine the effectiveness not only of the messages, but also of the medium and the marketing plan. Evaluations of results and adaptation to the plans established on a frequent basis will allow to continue or redirect the course of the plan.

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Social networks have proven their effectiveness in ideal products for her but also in unexpected ones, therefore, we must go further! The result of marketing on social networks sometimes is slow, but finally, excellent That is why it is important to resist and insist.