Design !We all are designers, when we order our drawer; combine our outfit; classify the information of our computer; when we create solutions to simplify everything we use every day ...the difference is that "that's our job" and we get paid to get people to see, buy and use what our customers commission us.

Oscar Machado

About Oscar

Surely you want to know more about us, in the following paragraphs we give you some information, but if you want to know more about our work, our team and something else, please contact us and we will gladly send you a digital brochure.

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I'm a partner and director of OSCAR MACHADO DESIGN & PHOTO STUDIO, accompanied by an efficient team of young people -and not so young- very talented and ready to contribute to the projects that our clients commission us.

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Our Job

We develop design: graphic, web-media, advertising, image and for exhibitors.

Also provide industrial, corporate, architectural and food photography services.

Despite the above, you can call me for any strange project, those are the ones we are passionate about !, those in which specialization does not exist.

We take your communication challenge - whatever the size - and we give it a solution, then turn it into ideas and finally these, into efficient realities!

Connecting some designs with others your visual language will always be consistent, easy to identify and very easy to remember.

Why Us

When work with us you'll get:

  • 35 years design experience.
  • Ultimate solutions.
  • Solutions developed to get back your investment and profits.
  • Easy interactive way to order and project management.
  • Fast, really fast project completion.
  • You'll save money, guaranted.
  • Opportunity to reach new customers from other languages and locations.

None of my designs could have been born if there were no clients willing to see them, nor could they have been successful had it not been because they fulfilled the purpose for which they were created.


Over 35 years has been designing and photographing for print, advertising, TV commercials, web pages, furniture, spaces, exhibitors, new products ... and endless things! for hundred of clients.

The following are just some of those customers who trust their communications with us ...

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