The Image Vs. the Identity, which one is real

Corporate Image Plans

  • We make your communications become spokespersons for your identity and achieve the image pre-established by the board of directors.

  • The purpose of the plan is to create (or realign) your graphic, advertising, and public relations communication to achieve coherence.

  • We developed the pilot application of graphic, architectural and advertising solutions for products and stores. To then carry out the analysis and behavior of the users.

  • We prepare identity manuals on symbols, signs, packaging, advertising and interior design according to the decisions made in the plan, for distribution to executives, areas and branches.

How do you control your Corporate Image?

The image is nothing more than the opinion unconscious of the people about a person, a brand, a behavior, for example. It’s not imposed, is natural, but it’s possible to correct it or transform it. Our job is to take the opinion of your company, product or service become favorable.

We establish a consistent image, we seek that your image is the same as your identity. In this way, we transfer the buyer’s interest from the products to the issuer, which benefits all the business activities of the corporation.

“People, more and more, far from buying products or services, you buy the concept of these … your endorsement “

you’ll get


If you need to improve the perception of the value of your product, service or brand … Develop an appropriate image!

It will inspire and motivate your customers and employees and it will be reflected in an increase in your income!


Allow your advertisements, communications and commercial spaces to be more coherent, attractive and functional, generating a consistent corporate image.

Whether it’s small or huge, whether it’s basic or a radical change. Let us design for you.


Effective Project Management. We have different ways to interact with you, making it easy to make revisions, corrections, updates or new orders.

Let’s Do Something Together!

If you have on your agenda or in mind to develop a project like the one we describe on this page, let us know. We can discuss your scope, time and budget. Without any obligation for you!

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Take a look at some Corporate Image jobs

Banking Entity

Corporate Image Development

For Human Resources Identity

It was a special circumstance. Banco de Venezuela acquired Banco Caracas -with more than 100 years of experience-, absorbing all its personnel. In turn, the Bank of Venezuela had been acquired by the Hispanic Central Bank of Spain, which was later merged with the Santander Bank of Spain.

These mergers -which happened in a very short time-, created an enormous confusion in the employees of the institution, which caused them uncertainty, lack of direction, therefore LACK OF IDENTITY.

We created a membership plan with the motto “Together We Build the New Bank”. Offering information to employees about events and their convenience for the institution.

The plan was developed in 4 stages, each lasting 15 days. Each time, all employees were given a kit with: 1 flyer, an buildable and other printed messages. Likewise, posters were placed in all offices and agencies.

Simultaneously, the corporate communications area held informative talks and entertainment events. At the end of the campaign, the buildables resulted in office material that was complemented with POP supplies.


Television channel

Corporate Image Development

For Commercial Identity

A television channel with a long history in the market, for strategic reasons, decided to boost its technology, improve its programming and offer greater assistance to its advertisers. What also led them to decide to change their name.

We developed an IDENTITY PLAN that began with your logo and basic formal structures. We hold workshops for your employees to communicate the changes as well as establish their commitment to the evolutionary changes. For the viewer, we develop inserts to show the changes on the screen.

Finally, and addressed to the advertiser, a folder was created containing a CD and a brochure, both with the new programming and relevant information, accompanied by POP.


Banking Entity

Corporate Image Development

For Financial Marketing

A small bank -with limitations to operate- was granted the “universal bank license”, with which they could expand their portfolio of services, open new agencies, among others.

He was unknown in the market, so they commissioned us to SPREAD HIS IMAGE. We established an identity in keeping with the dynamism of the organization. We create communication pieces aimed at your captive audience and to support contact executives.

Likewise, we implemented a financial merchandising plan, converting your agencies into promotion points. To reinforce this plan, interactive modules were created and finally gifts for customers.


Corporate Image Development

For products Identity

One of the oldest and most famous vehicles in the world, THE MINI, arrived for the first time in the Venezuelan market, under the MINI-CORD brand. The peculiarity of its size was a barrier to acceptance by users in the country, which, being an oil country, had no limitations on gasoline consumption, this being one of the most important advantages of the vehicle.

After a failed time in the market. As a strategy, we offered to develop an IMAGE PLAN for the brand, with the purpose of improving its state of opinion and subsequently increasing sales.

Initially we created a link with the origin with the motto “An English Classic”; then with the worldwide successes of the vehicle; subsequently, we show the unique qualities of the vehicle such as “The bodywork of the MINI”, “The Interior Space of the MINI”, among others.

We develop brochures for the product lines, some of them, by the way, unique in the world, such as cabriolets.

After an intense period of exposure, the state of opinion about the vehicle had improved considerably. Opportunity then in which sales announcements were developed, with excellent results.