For Exhibitors Design

The expo's represent a golden opportunity for companies, show their products, connect with users, receive first-hand opinions. That is why you make important investments. As important as the product that is exhibited and the attention in the event is, the way in which all this presents itself.

An exhibition must be appropriate, that is to say according to the space and the message, for that reason a excellent organization and good selection must be made also contain the most effective message.

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We are part of a group specialized in products for the exhibition, Plural Marketing Group, due to that we have made hundreds of exhibitors, as well, mounted custom stands destined to events or points of sale. We offer you this experience for the moment you are going to require an exhibitor, we assure you that you will feel very proud in your event.

Some of our Services

  • Structural and graphic design for modular display equipment such as: banner stands, rollup's, pop up display, among others.
  • Design and rendering of structures and their graphic content for custom stands.
  • Construction and print production. As well as finishes and assembly. With high-tech equipment.
“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

Jeffrey Zeldman

With our Design for Exhibitors you'll get

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If you made the decision to participate in an event, we want your participation to be successful! For this we support you in the planning, attending: advertising, marketing, services of hostesses, uniforms, suppliers, presentation, videos, business cards, etc. Then the post-event, facilitating the connection with potential businesses. Nothing will be left out of our planning!

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We evaluate your specific objectives, quantifiable, attainable, real and those related to time and your investment, as a result we will give you the solution about the structure with balanced spaces within your exhibition for: attention, demonstration, circulation, storage, among others. Also the resources we will use, portable solutions being our specialty. Including collaterals such as special equipment, decorative plants, floors, among others.

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f you want to boost sales at your point of sale, or publicize your brand, or launch new products to the market. We will give you multiple portable and economical options to reach your goals. With contemporary designs, easy to install and store, versatile and economical.

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Effective project management. We have different ways of interacting with you, making it easy to make reviews, corrections, updates, or new orders.

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