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Why Fine Art

Inicially as commercial photographer, thought there was a huge conceptual -and proposal- distance between Ad photography and Fine-Art photography, but, the first is the job that I love and the second is my passion.

These more than 30 years as commercial photographer, has allowed me learn each day about photo practice, maturing techniques, feel the pressure and force me to create new points of view. All these experiences change my position, now I know the distance is too short, although the proposal still been different.

Share my labor time taken photos for me, not for clients, creating a varied collection that show a personal perspective about the world around me or yours, the people or the imperceptible things right next to us.

I'll be very pleased if you decide to hang some of them in your office or family room.

Below I present some of the photographs that make up my collection on 4 sheets. Click on the image to see each one in detail.

Reproductions of these photographs included in this collection are for sale, they come numbered, limited edition and with a certificate of authenticity. To learn more about the characteristics, sizes and way of buying click on "buy Fine-Art of Oscar" .

Published books

In 2006 I published the book PLACES OF THE WORLD, a compilation of beautiful places in the world that I had the opportunity to visit.

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The book FINE ART PORTFOLIO PANORAMIC, published in 2007, includes 30 photographs and tries to reflect my artistic vision in a panoramic format -which I prefer-.

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