Identity & Corporate Image

We establish a consistent image, we seek that your image is the same as your identity.
In this way, we transfer the buyer's interest from the products to the issuer, which benefits all the business activities of the corporation.

"People, more and more,
far from buying products or services, you buy the concept of these ... your endorsement "

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CORPORATE IDENTITY is all the information generated by the company, it is represented among others by:
Your attention and public relations. The appearance of your facilities. Your products and / or services. Its movement in the stock market. Your financial behavior. Its graphic presentation. The voice of the receptionist, etc.

The CORPORATE IMAGE is "the state of opinion about an institution" and this is a "capital asset for them", it is the "engine" that drives the market and penetrates its services or products, reproducing or stagnating them.
It is a sociocultural phenomenon, formed in the mind of the public as a result of the information they have received at the time of the company's existence.

With our intervention YOUR IMAGE will be like YOUR IDENTITY.

  • We make your communications become spokespersons for identity and achieve the image pre-established by the board of directors.
  • The purpose of the plan is to create (or realign) your graphic, advertising and public relations communication to align and achieve coherence.
  • Pilot application of graphic, architectural and advertising solutions on products and stores. To then carry out the analysis and user behavior.
  • We prepare identity manuals on symbols, signs, packaging, advertising and interior design in accordance with the decisions made in the plan, for distribution to executives, areas and branches.
"The role of the designer is that of a good and attentive host who anticipates the needs of his guests"

Charles Eames

With our Identity & Image development you'll obtain

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If you need to improve the perception of the value of your product, service or brand ...
Develop an appropriate image!

It will inspire and motivate your customers and employees and it will be reflected in an increase in your income!

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Allow your advertisements, communications and commercial spaces to be more coherent, attractive and functional, generating a consistent corporate image.

Whether it's small or huge, whether it's basic or a radical change. Let us design for you.

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Effective project management. We have different ways of interacting with you, making it easy to make reviews, corrections, updates, or new orders.

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