GOLD web site pack


Web site design

A quick way to order a regular design service for your business

At a better price than ordering individually.

Includes the most popular and recommended items to complete your project successfully.

Full customer satisfaction and full refund if we can’t meet your expectations.

Quick response time


Design of WEB-SITE for the experimented


• Home page
• 18 Instances Pages
• e-commerce up to 30 items
• 5 Forms
• 2 Animations
• Ad’s Edition
• 20 Images from Library
• 1-year Domain Register
• 1-year Hosting
• 45 e-Mail Accounts
• Web Statistics
• Search Engine Optimized
• 1 Month Updates After the launch
• e-Mail Support and
• Customer Satisfaction

Turnaround time!
9 to 12 business days